Welcome to the Refreshingly Well one-on-one coaching program, 
where we believe in the profound connection between mind and body, recognizing that true healing begins with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

Our program offers personalized support tailored to your unique healing journey. You have the flexibility to choose coaching in any or all of the following areas:

Stress Relief: 
High levels of stress can hinder healing by diverting energy towards worry and anxiety. Our coaching helps you address stressors, allowing your body to redirect energy towards healing and restoring balance. 

Clarity and Decision Making:
Navigating healthcare choices can be overwhelming. We provide tools to clear mental clutter and tap into your intuition, empowering you to make decisions calmly and confidently.

Surrender and Release:
Release the weight of past mistakes and regrets through the practice of surrender. By letting go of the need to control every outcome, you create space for growth, healing, and transformation. 

Belief and Empowerment:
Cultivate a mindset of hope and empowerment, trusting your body's innate wisdom and its capacity for healing. Embrace your worthiness and unleash the incredible healing power within.

Healthy Habits Formation:
Establishing new habits is essential for healing. We offer support to overcome limiting beliefs and commit to self-care, fostering a vibrant and thriving life.

Grief Processing: 
Navigate through the lingering emotions of loss and sadness commonly experienced with chronic or acute illness. Our compassionate guidance will help you navigate the grieving process, creating space for healing and fulfillment on your path towards better health.

Medical Trauma Recovery:
Heal from the physical and emotional scars of medical trauma, fostering resilience and cultivating a healthier relationship with your body and healthcare experiences. 

Setback Management:
Recognize that setbacks are a natural part of the healing journey. Our coaching provides tools to navigate setbacks with patience, compassion, and resilience, ensuring you stay on course towards your goals. 

In addition to personalized coaching, you'll receive:

  • Resolution of Past Traumas: Address disempowering beliefs stemming from past traumas to unlock your full healing potential.
  • Support and Accountability: Stay on track with personalized support and accountability. In addition to your scheduled sessions, you'll have access to email support throughout the duration of your package. This means you can reach out with questions, concerns, or updates between sessions, ensuring continuous guidance and progress towards your wellness goals. 
  • Daily Reset Tool Training: Equip yourself with a powerful daily reset tool to master your healing journey and maintain momentum towards your goals. 
Take the first step towards holistic wellness and empowerment with the Refreshingly Well one-on-one coaching program. Choose your path below - we're honored to embark on this journey with you.
Your Wellness Journey Awaits

Single sessions may be a good fit for you if you are:

Exploring Aroma Freedom for the first time
Incorporating Aroma Freedom alongside other wellness practices
Seeking additional support as a returning client

Choose this package if you are well along in your healing journey but still need support in overcoming challenges. It's also beneficial for anyone experiencing setbacks and seeking to regain momentum on their path to wellness.


Unlock the potential of your mind with our Plus Package. Tailored to your specific needs, these six sessions offer comprehensive support wherever you feel you need it most on your healing journey. 


The Premier Package is designed to elevate your healing journey. It's for those who are willing to delve a little deeper. You will experience firsthand how your mindset can create remarkable shifts in your overall well-being.  

Choosing our Empowerment Program gives you the unsurpassed benefit of commitment. Through consistent sessions, you'll build the strength and momentum needed to navigate your healing journey wherever it takes you. 


Mental health support should be accessible to all. 
My goal is to ensure that financial constraints never exclude anyone from receiving the care they need and deserve.

Curious about how Aroma Freedom works?

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