Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), combines the use of essential oils with psychological principals to facilitate emotional release and personal transformation. It will help rewire the brain's response to past traumas and current anxieties, fostering a sense of safety, clarity, empowerment, and emotional freedom. This holistic approach addresses the mind-body connection, promoting healing and personal growth on multiple levels. 

While my specialization lies in providing mental health support to individuals navigating chronic and acute illness (read more here), it's important to note that Aroma Freedom has a broad range of applications that can benefit individuals facing various challenges, including stress management, anxiety reduction, goal setting, and personal empowerment. Regardless of your circumstances, I am here to support you on your journey to a better you!

When selecting your preferred price point, please choose the option that aligns with your current financial situation. Rest assured that regardless of the amount you choose to pay, your AFT experience will remain consistent, supportive, and compassionate. There are no questions asked and no judgements made based on the price you select. My priority is to provide you with the care and support you need. 

***Please note: the number of 'pay what you can' sessions is limited each month, so I encourage you to reach out and book your session as soon as possible.
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