The Aroma Freedom Technique combines aromatherapy, neuroscience, & focusing exercises 

to gently clear past & present traumas, negative thought patterns, emotional triggers, bad habits, & more! 

The goal is to create a permanent shift in how you view both yourself & the world around you. 

As your practitioner, I will gently guide you through the process helping you to identify 

& then release whatever has been holding you back & keeping you stuck.

How Does It Work?

Our sense of smell is said to be 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses.

Touch & taste must travel through the body via the nervous system & spinal cord 

before reaching the brain whereas smell has direct 

access to the brain, specifically the limbic system. 

Our limbic system is where memories are stored 

& where our fight/ flight/ or freeze response gets triggered. 

It is also where we process smell. 

During your Aroma Freedom session, I will help you gently activate your limbic system. 

Premium essential oils are used in a very intentional way & at a specific point in the process, 

to allow the negatives to dissolve & fade away leaving you hopeful, optimistic & ready to move forward.





Tanya is a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner. All sessions are done virtually so you can be in the comfort of your own home. Young Living Premium Essential Oils are used. These can be purchased through Tanya with a 24% discount. 

My Services:
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Sessions


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Information courtesy of Tanya Rae